A Sparks Electrical x Go Construct STEM Ambassador

A Sparks Electrical is Proud to be Go Construct Ambassador, igniting passion for construction. Empowering through STEM workshops, shaping the industry's future.

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We are proud to be working with Go Construct as an official Ambassador! 

Go Construct STEM Ambassadors bring the construction industry to life and we are engaging with young people at educational events across the UK to raise aspirations, illuminate career options and support learning.

Working with young people through STEM workshops has enabled me to share my knowledge and passion for engineering and use it to inspire the next generation of the construction industry . - Alex Willoughby MSA

A Spark Electrical, deeply committed to community growth, actively fosters local talent and fosters sustainable advancements within the thriving construction sector. Through dedicated initiatives and strategic collaborations, we aim to uplift the construction industry's standards, ensuring that our community flourishes alongside it.

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