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We recently featured in the Construction Insider Newsletter as a Saint Ambassador feature!

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We recently achieved a significant achievement by being featured in the esteemed Construction Insider Newsletter, reaching an expansive audience of 180,000 construction directors and likeminded individuals - A platform known as one of the prime voices within the construction landscape, Construction Insider is committed to nurturing and bolstering businesses throughout the industry.

This recent feature, in particular, centred on the 'Saint Ambassador Spotlight', shedding light on A Sparks Electrical's pivotal role as an Ambassador of the Saint Ambassador Foundation.

You can see our announcement article on Saint Ambassador here.

Saint Ambassador, a notable non-profit foundation, is dedicated to fostering and supporting the young talent entering into the construction industry. With a widespread network of ambassadors scattered across the UK, the foundation operates as a beacon of guidance, extending vital assistance to newcomers in the form of career mentorship and comprehensive insights. A Sparks Electrical's recent prominence within the 'Ambassador Spotlight' of the latest Construction Insider release marks an impressive milestone in their journey as an advocate for the industry's future leaders.

Alex Willoughby, the Director of A Sparks Electrical, expressed his elation about the recent feature, stating, "We are immensely honoured to be recognised by Construction Insider and to be a part of the Saint Ambassador Foundation. Our commitment to supporting young talent and providing valuable support to the construction industry aligns seamlessly with the ethos of Saint Ambassador, and this recognition displays our dedication to supporting the next generation of industry professionals."

At A Sparks Electrical, we continuous stride towards innovation, growth and development within the construction industry.

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